Take Out Without Trash

GO Box reusable containers make it easy to enjoy your favorite freshly prepared food – garbage free. Download our app and go zero waste for your next meal.

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 How it Works


Use the GO Box app at any of the 70+ participating food carts and restaurants to easily check out a reusable container with your take out.


You’re saving resources and preventing pollutants from entering the environment by choosing to reuse through GO Box – isn’t that delicious?


Locate a nearby drop site and return the GO Box to our system with the app. We collect, clean and sanitize the boxes so the cycle can repeat!

Why GO Box?

Zero Waste

GO Box is the first and only reusable container service that eliminates single use disposable containers.

Convenient & Affordable

The GO Box mobile app makes it simple to choose to reuse – order, return and reuse unlimited GO Boxes.

Safe & Sustainable

GO Box containers are durable, BPA-free and are professional cleaned and sanitized in a commercial kitchen. All of our logistics are done by bike, so we’re emission-free too!

  • “Every time I look at an overflowing trash can near a food cart pod, I feel like I’m making a difference by using GO Box.”

    Don P., GO Box subscriber

  • “Whenever I travel outside of Portland, I’m sad to see overflowing trash cans on every street corner. I’m proud to live in a city with a service like GO Box.”

    Paul I., GO Box subscriber

  • “In addition to being the only sustainable option for takeout, GO Box containers are more durable than cardboard and styrofoam to-go boxes. I love the sturdy, spill-proof design.”

    Kavan P., GO Box subscriber

Get Started With GO Box!

You can get unlimited use of GO Box for only $21.95/year or $3.95/month!
Download the app to get your next meal in a reusable container!

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