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GO Box is a circular, zero waste system that empowers food and drink vendors and their customers to choose reusables that eliminate the need for single use plastics. GO Box provides vendors with a turn-key ecosystem of software and hardware that reduces waste, saves money and makes it easy to educate and encourage sustainable behavior from customers. Here’s how it works: 

  • GO Box stocks participating vendors with an inventory of clean reusables.
  • Then, GO Box subscribers use the GO Box mobile app to check out reusables from vendors, verified by vendor viewing subscriber’s phone screen.
  • After their meal, subscribers use the app again to return reusables to a conveniently located GO Box drop site.
  • The GO Box team collects the reusables from the drop sites, professionally cleans and sanitizes them, and then restocks vendors.

Becoming a vendor with GO Box is easy! GO Box will build the vendor a profile on our system and create a custom four digit vendor code. We’ll deliver an initial stock of clean reusables in the vendor’s preferred sizes, a vendor code sign and additional marketing materials.

When they place an order, subscribers enter the four digit vendor code into the GO Box mobile app to check a reusable container. The vendor simply needs to verify the check out by viewing the “Good To Go” screen on the subscriber’s phone. For phone orders, the “Good To Go” screen should be viewed with order is picked up.

Each week, GO Box visits to restock vendors with clean reusables. GO Box tracks how many reusables are stocked, then invoices a stocking fee of $0.25 per container and $0.15 per cup. We’ve set the stocking fees to be equivalent to the cost to purchase single use products, so that GO Box participation is cost neutral for most vendors.  

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