What do some of Oregon’s best green workplaces have in common?

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Earlier this month, Oregon Business Magazine released its annual 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon list recognizing companies that go above and beyond to create sustainable workplaces. We were thrilled (but not surprised) to see that a quarter of the Portland-based organizations featured on the list offer shared GO Box subscriptions to their employees or have in the past.

Companies committed to sustainability know that making it easier for employees to reduce waste in the office is important when it comes to creating a green work environment. We’re happy that we can help these organizations reach their sustainability goals by making it easy for staff to skip disposable takeout containers. Whether it’s an on-site drop box through our Corporate Program or shared subscriptions that give employees access to GO Box under a single company account, there are multiple ways organizations can partner with GO Box to reduce waste in the workplace.

Congratulations to the following companies for using GO Box to achieve their sustainability goals!

Special thanks to Transition Projects for providing washing services for used GO Boxes!

Send us an email at info@goboxpdx.com to learn more about bringing GO Box to your company. It’s an easy and affordable way to become one of Oregon’s top green workplaces!