GO Box is Going Digital in the New Year!

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As of January 1, all GO Box transactions will occur via our mobile app and tokens will be retired.

If you already use our app, this change won’t affect you. If you currently use tokens, you’ll need to download the app in order to continue using GO Box.

How to make the switch — in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the app. Click here to get it on iTunes & here to get it on Google Play.
  2. Open the app and choose your city.
  3. Set up your account by hitting the “Password Help” button, enter your email address, then check your inbox to set up a password.  If the app tells you it can’t find your account, that means your GO Box subscription needs to be renewed. Click here to renew your subscription.

Now you’re ready to use GO Box — no tokens necessary!  The app also has a map to help you find nearby vendors and drop sites.

How to Use the App: When ordering food, simply enter the Vendor Code and show the “Good to GO” screen to the vendor. To return your empty GO Box, use the app to scan the Drop Box Code. Then you’re ready to use GO Box again!

Still have some questions about the app? See below for some common questions and answers. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at info@goboxpdx.com anytime!

  • I’m having trouble setting up my GO Box account. If you already have a GO Box account, you can set it up through our website or the mobile app. On the website, hit the Log In button. You can use the Password Help button if you can’t remember your password or never set one up. To set up your account using the app, use the Password Help button, enter your email, and then check your inbox to set up your password.If the website or app tells you that it can’t find your account, that means your GO Box subscription needs to be renewed. Click here to renew your subscription.
  • My GO Box account is through a shared subscription at my workplace — how can I use the app? If your employer provides a shared GO Box subscription to employees, follow the steps above to set up your account. We have recently transferred all shared GO Box subscriptions over to the mobile app, so you should be able to set up an account with your work email address.
  • I’m having problems entering the Vendor Code when I check out a GO Box. Some folks with Android phones have issues with the Vendor Code screen. We’re working on fixing this, but in the meantime you can get around this problem by using the Vendor List to select your vendor.
  • The app says I have a GO Box checked out when I don’t. Please contact us if this happens to you and we’ll fix it. Remember that you can always cancel a Got GO Box transaction if you didn’t get your meal in a GO Box for any reason. Just hit the Use GO Box button again and you’ll see a Cancel Last Transaction option. This is only available within 15 minutes after the first transaction.
  • I’m having issues with vendors or staff not understanding how the mobile app works when I order my meal. We are doing our best to educate all vendors. If you come across a vendor who is confused, please let us know and we’ll be sure to get in touch with them.