Announcing GO Box Ownership Transfer

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My name is Jocelyn Quarrell and I’m excited to introduce myself as the new owner of GO Box! As of June 1st, I took over from Laura Weiss, who founded and built GO Box from the ground up over the past 7 years.

Together, Laura and I have been working on transferring the business in a way that preserves the GO Box mission and supports our community of subscribers, food vendors and corporate partners who are committed to waste-free takeout.

What’s Staying the Same & What’s Changing:
You may be wondering exactly how this ownership change will affect GO Box and how you use the service. To put it succinctly: I expect no immediate changes to our service network or operational practices and will focus on making it better every day.

I’ve already been managing the day-to-day details and am excited about making strategic improvements in the future. Gratefully, Laura will be around to provide consultation and contribute ideas for growth opportunities. Laura founded GO Box in 2011 as the first ever reusable takeout container service and has invaluable knowledge that I look forward to continue learning. The values that she built the business on of integrity, an understanding that people want to do good, and a passion to make positive environmental impact is what makes this business great. I am honored that she was willing to entrust GO Box, her pride and joy, to me.

Whether you’ve been a GO Box subscriber for 7 years or 7 days, its because of you that GO Box has been able to make a positive impact! Thanks for helping to make a difference, and for encouraging others to do the same.

Check out this Oregon Business magazine article for more insights on our ownership transfer!

A Note from Laura:

After 7 years of making GO Box go, its time for me to move on to new adventures. I am thrilled to have found someone smart, committed, and highly talented to take over – I am 100% confident that Jocelyn will take GO Box to the next level.

I am so grateful to you — our customers — for supporting the GO Box mission. Together we have eliminated the use of over 125,000 disposable containers!

I’ve had a wonderful time learning how to run a business and helping reduce waste in our beautiful city.