Introducing Canteen by Dig, Powered by GO Box

jocelyn GO Box News

We are so pleased to announce the launch of the newest reuse system in the U.S. – Canteen by Dig. Dig is a fast casual restaurant chain based in New York City and Canteen is the name of their new reusable bowls! GO Box is thrilled to have partnered with Dig to launch Canteen on our platform – they have licensed our technology to track utilization and manage operations.

Dig has built their business on a respect for ingredients and where they come from. They work with farms local to their restaurants, creating meals based on the what’s in season and supporting farmers with long term contracts. Dig also works hard to reduce food waste, utilizing “ugly” vegetables that are otherwise perfectly delicious and healthy and committing to using the whole veggie – from stem to leaf. Now, Dig seeks to address the environmental impact of how their meals are served and enjoyed. With Canteen, powered by GO Box, they are now offering a sustainable, reusable bowl for consumers to check out and return, eliminating single use products.

Read more about the project over at The New Food Economy. After eight years experience eliminating single use plastic waste in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA, we can’t wait to see how reuse works on the East Coast!