Corporate Program

Green Your Office, Reduce Waste,
and Save Money!

The GO Box Corporate Program is a service providing downtown offices and buildings with a convenient way to green operations, reduce waste in the office, and save on garbage and recycling costs.

Why GO Box for Your Building?


Exclusive use of your drop box for your employees or tenants only.

Reach Corporate Sustainability Goals

Monthly reporting on the number of disposable containers avoided.

LEED Points

LEED points under Purchasing and/or Solid Waste Management — Ongoing.


Publicity on GO Box social media outlets.

 How it Works

Dedicated Drop Box

GO Box provides an attractive, sustainable bamboo drop box to collect the used containers.

Check In Via App

When someone is finished with their meal, they scan the code on your drop box to complete the exchange.

Weekly Pick Up

GO Box picks up the containers on a regular basis. All pickups will be done by bicycle!

  • “Joining the corporate program has greatly improved the GO Box experience for our employees, while also furthering Jive’s commitment to decreasing our impacts on the local environment. The convenience of having our own drop box has significantly increased employee usage of the program and brought about a noticeable decrease in our lunchtime trash.”

    Jenny M, Jive Software

  • “GO Box provides a sustainable solution that aligns with our company values, the values of our tenants, and the building owners. The service requires little to no management on our part and we have had an ongoing positive experience for nearly two years.”

    Jillian, The Morgan Building


The drop box is a made of 100% sustainable bamboo and includes an attractive nylon liner that will be picked up and washed at least once a week. The box is 2 feet long and 1 foot wide.
You do not buy the drop box but put down a deposit that is refunded to you when the box is returned in good condition.
We’ve never had a complaint about smells from our 30+ corporate partners. We advise GO Box subscribers to remove the majority of their meal from the GO Box before placing it in open and face up. We also service the box at least once weekly and more if necessary where we remove all boxes and replace the liner.
The cost for the drop box starts at $95/month and payment can be made monthly or paid in full for the year for a discounted rate.

Participating Partners

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You can get an exclusive drop box for your building for only $95/month!

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